Sunday, April 28, 2013

Who? -er Noun Derivatives

Many of my preschoolers have difficulty answering "who" questions in general.  Often times, I hear answers like "boy", "girl", "lady", "guy", "a mom", or "a dad" when my clients don't know the answer.  While this is a bit of a spin on that skill, noun derivatives are often missed by my preschoolers as well.

This 14-page activity targets -er noun derivatives.  Students using this activity will gain a greater understanding of noun derivatives and complete a variety of practice opportunities designed to change action verbs into nouns, specifically using those actions to identify the person who completes that action.

This activity includes:

18 picture cards (pages 3-5)
18 sentence cards (pages 6-8)
18 picture cards with fill-in-the blank sentences (pages 9-11)
18 fill-in-the blank sentence cards (pages 12-14)

Task 1:  Students will match picture cards to sentence cards or select picture when sentences are read aloud by clinician (receptive task).
Task 2:  Students will state fill-in-blank answer either with or without picture cues (expressive task).  

Hope this activity proves to be helpful for your students as well!  You can find this activity in my TPT store by clicking here


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