Saturday, April 27, 2013

Guess what??  I just recently finished the second installment in my Articulation BINGO series targeting /s/ and /z/ in all word positions!

My Articulation BINGO sets include simple sets of cards (just clip art picture and word) and addresses multiple words per position per sound.

This activity includes:


• 35 picture cards each for initial /s/ (pages 3-8) and 11 picture cards for initial /z/ (pages 37-38)
• 35 picture cards each for medial /s/ (pages 13-18) and medial /z/ (pages 39-42)
• 35 picture cards for final /s/ (pages 23-28) and 35 for final /z/ (pages 47-52)
• 4 different picture bingo boards per word position per sound (24 total) (/s/ pages 9-12, 19-22, 29-32) and
• 4 different picture bingo boards with all word positions represented per sound (12 total) (pages 33-36 and
/z/ pages, 43-46 (medial), 53-56 (final)  **due to lack of initial /z/ words, no bingo boards are included for this position (pages 57-60)

**Cards can be used for traditional articulation drill and practice or to play one of the following game options.

• Bingo:   Distribute bingo board to each student.  Have students take turns drawing picture card and naming items with target sound.  First student to get bingo (across, down, or horizontally) or cover entire board is winner.
• Memory:  Print two sets of picture cards and have students name items with target sound while matching picture pairs.
• Go Fish:  Print two sets of picture cards and have students use repeated sentence framework to request desired picture with target sound.

As I hinted above, there will be additional Articulation BINGO sets on the horizon!  Stay tuned for the next installment /sh, th, ch/ and thank you for all of your continued support of Straight Up Speech!

Get your copy of Articulation Bingo for /s/ and /z/ in my TPT store by clicking here


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