Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What am I? Summer Edition

Well, summer is officially here, but in my neck of the woods (northeast Indiana) it sure doesn't feel much like it today :(  So to help brighten up my spirits and yours, I am excited to tell you about a GREAT new product from Rachel (aka: the bride to be) at The Queen's Speech!

What am I?  Summer Edition.

This 22-page unit addresses receptive language, expressive language and semantics! It is so versatile!  You definitely won't want to miss out on getting a copy of this activity for your students!

This packet includes:

Summer vocabulary cards with matching pictures to address receptive language (blue and orange cards).  I love these cards for my preschoolers who have difficulty identifying objects given a verbal description or for those just learning the concept, the option to use the orange picture cards as part of a matching activity!

Describing cards to expand expressive vocabulary (attributes, categories, etc.) (green and orange cards)  these are great for describing the pictures on the card and depending on the cards chosen can be used for compare and contrast activities as well!

What about a game option, you might ask...Rachel's got that covered!  She has also included cute Bingo cards for group play!  Who doesn't love BINGO?

Finally, she has included a fabulous teaching tool - a descriptive mat - a great visual for naming multiple attributes of each item - can your students name each one?

In all, What am I?  Summer Edition is a great end of the school year activity (getting ready for summer), a great summer activity for those of you who work ESY or in a hospital or clinic setting like I do, and/or a great activity to start the school year to kick off conversations about what your students did over the summer!   You can find this great activity in her TPT store by clicking here

AND...If you like this activity as much as I do - you're in luck!  Rachel has also created two other editions including:

  • What am I?  School Edition (next on my wishlist :) )
  • Who are You?  Animal and Insect Edition
You can find out more these products as well as all of her other activities by visiting her blog, following her on Facebook or by visiting her store on TPT.

Love this and want to win it?  The Queen's Speech is giving two copies away!  Hop on over to her blog HERE and enter to win!

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